Do you want to stay in touch with Mole?

Dear lovely subscribers ,

In line with new privacy laws I need to ask you whether you wish to continue receiving email notifications for Murmurs of Mole and/or Mole Out Loud from me. If you do please resubscribe to either or both lists here:
Murmurs of Mole
Mole Out Loud

I know Mole’s amenuensis has been burrowing down for quite a while now and has not yet resurfaced. If you resubscribe to Murmurs you will receive mole’s posts again if and when they resurface and/or morph into a different shape. The Murmurs subscription list is a separate entity from the

Mole Out Loud list. This list sends out podcasts five days a week except when I am unplugged (about every sixth week).

The legislation kicks in on Friday 25th May. From then onwards I will only be sending emails out from the new lists of resubscribers.

If you don’t resubscribe via one or both of the links above you will receive no more emails from Mole.

I do hope you will stay with me! Without you, dear fellow burrowers, Mole would never have evolved the way it has.



P.S. Many thanks to those of you have already resubscribed. It is heartening to know I have a robust core of chums out there.


4 thoughts on “Do you want to stay in touch with Mole?

  1. I tried to subscribe for both Murmurs and Mole Out Loud. It never gave me anything saying I had succeeded. I don’t know if I’ve signed up twice, not signed up at all, or something else. Could be our wonky network… But I have a bookmark on my favorites bar, so I can go on without an email – at the first rest after I’ve gotten the news headlines out of the way… I’m loving the daily view from the other side of the world. Hearing you hunker down through autumn as we open our arms to spring! It was comforting, last fall, to hear that there was spring down there.

    1. Hello Adrienne – your subsription to both lists was succesful! And only once for each, I think – tomorrow will be the test!

  2. I experienced the same trying to resubscribe to Mole Out Loud and Murmurs of Mole.
    Then I remember using “Adblock Plus” in my browser (Google Chrome). I disabled it and now the Message to resubscribe was sent and up came the page announcing:

    Almost finished …
    We need to confirm your email address. To complete the subscription process, please click the link in the email we just sent you.

    I am still waiting for these reconfirmation emails.

  3. Hello Hansueli – I know there were a few glitches last week with mailchimp being overloaded. I will send you an email and see how we can sort it out!

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