Mole Out Loud #1112

Snowy mountain and cheerful daffodils and a few thoughts about the novel.


1 thought on “Mole Out Loud #1112

  1. Well, I hope you do feel able to keep writing for some time and see where that takes you. Listening to you has been very eye opening in terms of seeing the amount of work and commitment this kind of writing involves. Perhaps if there was a sequel you would be drawing on some of the research already done and hit the ground at a trot, if not running!

    Quite a significant number of books do come out in audio format these days. The publisher may take that on. There are some great actors who read them very professionally. I think it is quite a skilled job and quite an undertaking as well (when you have book two to do!)

    Of course I am just being selfish as I would struggle to read it on paper/kindle.

    The image of you being so bowled over by the snowy view while riding your bike made me smile! So glad the website is fine, I do enjoy your updates.

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