Mole Out Loud #1395

(The other side of the river)

Listening to Judith Kerr and Matthew Kneale on A Good Read, and enjoying a Sunday after feeling a bit low yesterday.


1 thought on “Mole Out Loud #1395

  1. I wondered after listening how I feel about ‘sundays’ and I realized I have a kind of hate/love relation , it’s a day you really can/should allow yourself of doing nothing at all but I think it’ s maybe a good idea to just do something totaly different than week days which is obvious for those who still are working for a company or are ‘busy /busy‘ , I am going to think it over . Haha 23 ° C and a clear blue sky that sounds ‘ Wunderbar’ , we may not complain here as we had a fantastic Indian summertime the last few weeks , very exceptional .

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