Mole Out Loud #1614

Sparkle and dust and finding maternal affinities.


1 thought on “Mole Out Loud #1614

  1. I loved the walk with you while I was doing my daily drawing in the sketchbook , I am now at day 72 for the 100 days challenge to fill my sketchbooks , so far so good . And I am learning myself knitting the Continental way which was a real challenge even for as we say a “seasoned” knitter , there was a little resistence in the beginnig searching for a way to turn the pattern for the blouse so I could knit it the European way but it was just the round top I loved about it which I only could match if I knitted it with four needles which was neither comfortable so I challenged myself and finaly I think I’ve mastered it , this gives such a satisfaction to accomplish a goal , isn’t it ? Ich Wunsche dich einem Schönen Tag !

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