Mole Out Loud #1654

An unintentional Marigold Day.


2 thoughts on “Mole Out Loud #1654

  1. I allowed myself to not stick at my plan of painting the whole day today and took the ‘liberty’ of taking a break in the garden with my knitting and listening to your latest podcasts , can I call it a ‘Marigold day’ ? It is such a beautiful sunny day after pouring rainy ones and probably the last one for now as colder cloudy rainy days are forecasted . I love the idea of the equinox and similar day and nighttimes at your place and ours . The Indian latte sounds special with the beetroot, I love soya chai latte a lot but never had a beetroot one …. Thanks for the lovely podcasts !

  2. I love your term Marigold Days. And, as always, I enjoyed listening. Thank you.
    It is still warm here in Southern California but we are all looking forward to Fall. Hope you have beautiful days ahead as you go into Spring.

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