2 thoughts on “Mole Out Loud #556

  1. So happy you have some serendipitous (sp?) plot insights from such a happy source, Miranda.

    The other series set in Oxford ( 3? 5 books) by John Appleby (under his real name of JIM Stewart ) I mentioned is the Madonna of the Astrolabe.

    Quite a few of the Appleby books are being reissued as new green penguins!

  2. And thank you, thank you for placing me in such a serendipitous environment. I think J M Stewart wrote under the pseudonym Michael Innes, the chap whose detective was John Appleby (recently I read Appleby’s End) – which is why I wondered whether Stewart had pinched the name, tongue in cheek. Either way, I shall enjoy looking out for the Madonna and the Astrolabe!

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