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  1. Seeing this picture and hearing about the picnic basket waked up a memory which was hidden somewhere far away in my mind , it remembered me of our own picnic basket actually that of my grandaunt and grandmother which we used on our hollidays in Garmisch Partenkirchen (Germany) during the summer , we took it with us when we spent our day on the great ice cold lakes and now trying to remember what was in it , certainly a small bottle of Enzian (schnapps) not for me and my sister of course and boiled eggs and saucisses certainly the ‘frankfurters’ which we eat with mayonnaise as opposed to the mustard that you would expect , eating them now with mayo gives me an instant flash back , thank you so much Miranda to wake up through your podcast this beautiful memory !

    1. I wish I had thought of taking Enzian, Debora. I love the way one story evokes another – your mention of Schnapps and boiled eggs reminded me of my sister and I. When we were exhausted from clearing out our parents flat and had no energy to cook we ate boiled eggs every supper time and drank ancient (and probably old and rare) wine that we found in the cellar.

    2. Gosh Judy – no I didn’t know the cottage was listed. It definitely was two cottages when my Grandmother bought it and in a state of decay. She had great flair and foresight. It is a very special place to me and has lots of memories.

    1. Wow Miranda, now that is interesting because it’s clearly been extended and the bit shown in the listing doesn’t even exist in the 1914 photo!

      In the old photo, there’s a wall running beside the cottage on the right as you look at it (that still appears to be there today looking closely at Google maps), and to the right of that there’s a corrugated roofed structure. That structure it would seem was replaced with an extension, which is what the ‘listing’ photo is showing as Woodbine Cottage. Did that part exist already when you knew it? Or perhaps was it your grandmother who added the extension?

      The gap in the wall in the listing photo looks like the original entrance (and since that photo now seems to be completely overgrown and unused).

      To the right of the ‘new’ part now is a slightly odd looking ‘wing’ jutting out almost to the road edge, seemingly part of the adjacent house, that to me looks like it could have been a ‘petrol station’. Was the one where your grandmother kept her car that close by?

      There is quite an interesting document on the Chichester local government site, detailing the West Wittering Conservation Area generally http://www.chichester.gov.uk/CHttpHandler.ashx?id=3474&p=0 . And I remembered this morning that Penelope Keith visited for a Channel 4 tv programme that was broadcast just before Christmas. Not sure if you’re able to watch it from Tasmania but this is the link for that (about a week left to watch) http://www.channel4.com/programmes/penelope-keiths-coastal-villages/on-demand/66623-001

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