4 thoughts on “Mole Out Loud #718

  1. This was again lovely to hear you speaking and take part of your adventures and thoughts! Even saw Hobart on the Belgian tv! Oh, thats Miranda’s place , i was thinking! Realy enjoy so much these pod casts! Usualy when I go to bed. It makes me focus on some nice thoughts and places you talk about. After that I feel quiet for the night!
    Had to laugh as I saw your picnic basket with the Christmas cracker in it!
    Thank tou so much Miranda for all tese beautiful talks! Hope to hear more in the new year! Whishing you everything good!

    1. Thank you Liesbeth! I love knowing that you are over there, listening to the podcasts and with snow about. All the best with the big changes happening for you this year. You have great courage!

  2. Hansueli! Was für ne schöni Überaschig dii Name hie dsgseh. I hoffe ou dass Dii alles guet geht in 2018, u dass dsLäbe immer riicher wird.

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