5 thoughts on “Mole Out Loud #738

  1. Sorry to hear that your aunt has died, I hope you can mark her passing somehow to help it feel real.

    It is difficult when we lose someone we don’t see regularly, as they were already somewhat absent and our daily life doesn’t look much different. I almost forget sometimes that my grandmother has died, and I also said goodbye to my other one last time I saw her 7 years ago, as I cannot travel that far now, and though she says she will try to visit me, I think it’s unlikely. While they both have been difficult women in my life, there is so much of childhood and connections to the past that feel they are being lost too.

    I hope you do not have busy days planned and can soothe yourself.

  2. So sorry for your loss Miranda. It’s especially hard losing a link to our parents, but especially so if it’s the last remaining link. Mine is my 90-year old aunt who is only 50 miles away, but I don’t see her often and I’m reminded now not to delay a visit too long. I hope you have soothing distractions and quiet cooler times to help you through your sadness. X

  3. Sad for you, Miranda, losing the precious last vestige of the polite, well-read and well-mannered, versed in privacy, genteel generation of our forbears. The passing of my grandmothers, gathering newly tended morning roses in a basket, wearing straw bonnets and carrying their gloves and garden shears in the other hand, is a memory I hold dear. The cocktail hour with its BABY GRAND Steinway polished black piano that my mother could play, my family’s Player Piano in the dancing lounge, along with the arcing HUGE Golden Harp next to the glass Cocktail table with its porcelain cigarette box on the fluffy white woolly carpet is a forgotten time.
    I mourn with you, Miranda, as an Orphan bereft of our Sainted ancestry. Blessings, and keep the memory of your Aunt alive in your heart and in your life of words.

  4. Very sad to here someone precious as your aunt has passed-away. I do so hear you Miranda the sadness that brings not only the feeling of lost someone you love but also the connection with the past, our youth and background. I know that feeling so well coming from an “old family” with a very special history and now only my mom, sister and I being the only ones left trying to keep the memories alife . I hope you do find a gentle way to give this a place where you can cherish all those wonderful memories. Take care .

  5. Thank you so much for your thoughts, Judy and Katie. It is often just as hard to keep in touch when people are not that far away, easier to put off, somehow and then regret – easier, of course, if they are not difficult! I think one of the many things about losing an older relation is that there is a a generational loss and with that the memories including part of me and my life that only they knew. – beautifully described, Solo and Debora, too, I love the way you are incorporating those object-rich memories into your art.
    I was remembering today the way my aunt gave me presents that would make me feel grown up: a hot pink hairdryer, my first stockings – complete with suspender belt!, a risqué book called Passionflower Hotel.

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