5 thoughts on “Mole Out Loud #841

  1. Ah lovely. I have never listened to the podcasts before the point where I started. Your shed’s history sounds very interesting! I am so glad your arm has become more manageable and progress is being made these days. It’s exciting to hear you talk of full drafts etc!

  2. Ah Miranda how lovely to hear your early podcast. I did one or two of the guest podcasts for Michael at that time too and had my own podcast for awhile but Feb. 5, 2014 I had a devastating house fire and all of my work came to a halt. I have tried, a year or so ago, to begin to podcast again but just couldn’t seem to really get the momentum to keep going. I miss Michael’s podcasts and look forward to his return, when he is able, and I look so forward to you podcasts each day the days that you do podcast, they really brighten my morning. Oh, and I love the picture, what a glorious tea cozy! And one last thing, have you ever posted a picture of your shed? I have such romantic notions about it! I would love to see it.

    Blessings and all good things to you dear Miranda… 🙂


  3. Lovely to hear your first diffident toe-dipping into the world of podcasting Miranda. Are all yours on here going back to those beginnings? And delightful and interesting to learn of your shed’s beginnings. I can completely understand your feeling of warmth towards it from the start. How wonderful to be able to ‘camp out’ in it! I’m so glad Michael launched you on your podcasting journey.

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