Mole Out Loud #900

Recording and posting podcast #900 during a beautiful, long and leisurely walk on Knocklofty reflecting on the last few days, thinking about the next three weeks and, above all, enjoying the present.


2 thoughts on “Mole Out Loud #900

  1. Miranda, congratulations on 900 podcasts! I’ve been listening to you almost from the beginning. I’ve enjoyed all the podcast permutations over the years, and I’m particularly loving these longer rambles you’ve been posting recently. The reversal of seasons, the birdsong, your observations of and engagements with your world are all wonderful. Thank you for 900 episodes!

  2. Congratulations Miranda on your 900th! Lovely to join you on Knocklofty as always. I do hope we can share some walks with you on European hills (and mountains?) during your trip.

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