4 thoughts on “Mole Out Loud #913

  1. I just had to listen to this the moment I found it in my mailbox Miranda. How wonderful – you are, for the time being, a Swiss Mole! It’s such fun to be travelling with you. Jx

  2. Horay! Your landed safely in Zürich! Wilkommen! I already thought I heard some hesitation in your toughts about leaving Tasmania! But so happy for you to hear you embrace the fact that you are in your other beloved country!
    The idea that you are “near” to a part of the creative circle is very special!
    Btw I could almost smeel those lovely breads! Enjoy! Looking forward to hear from you again and how you experience it all!

  3. You are! It is!
    I was most disappointed to look at the weather forecast there and see it wasn’t in the 20s, then I realised that you would prefer the cold anyway.
    So nice to see and hear Switzerland (I have never been) and I can imagine the smell of the bakery!

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