Mole Out Loud #974

Looking for the moon, finding chickens and wonering how many flights if steps there are in the village.

1 thought on “Mole Out Loud #974

  1. As soon as I saw the photo I thought, “Michael’s chickens!”, and then there’s his podcast from Gladstone’s Library. How lovely for you to have that link with your time there too. Ah La Muse and surrounding area has me beat on Google street view I’m afraid. I think I identified “dead tractor bend” last time, and the gathering place of the shopping bags, but was so disappointed early on to find that the Google folk didn’t see fit to drive down and up and around the tiny village streets, they just whistled by on the D9 without a thought for those of us wanting to follow your path. So just tantalising glimpses through gaps in trees, and a soaring birds eye view. A joy to listen though as always (although the hunting going on around you earlier was a little nerve-racking to hear!), and so much fun to be able to ‘travel’ with you. x

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