Mole Out Loud #997

Up to nearly 3000m, revisiting 1968 and testing my nerves.


3 thoughts on “Mole Out Loud #997

  1. Miranda, I felt such a warm glow listening to this, and remembering my visit to Jungfraujoch in July 1965. My diary notes say “we sat for ages on rocks sticking out of the snow, just gazing at the view. It is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and surely next door to heaven.”

  2. Thank you for sharing your thrilling walks across this breathtaking landscape Miranda, although I confess I instinctively shut my eyes at the mention of a glass floor! Safe and smooth (and perhaps thrill-free) travels onwards. x

  3. I am now in the Alpes too and you couldn’t have discribed the view and feeling better as you did , yes it’s indeed amazing the combination of snow and sun and the adventurous of walks and skiing which I will try out in a few minutes today . Thanks for sharing the great stories of earlier days in your life .

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