mole: a small, velvety, chocolate-brown creature with tiny eyes who lives underground.

mole: an undercover agent embedded in the secret services of another country.

mole: a hot, spicy chocolate and chilli sauce.

mole: a structure protecting a harbour from storms.

mole: 602,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

mole: sometimes known as Miranda Morris


Conceived in a tempest in the Ticino, born in a corridor on the the Sussex coast, and raised within sight of the Bernese Alps, Miranda Morris now lives in Tasmania, a hop, skip and jump away from Antarctica. She is a writer and ponderer, a scholar, mentor and, having inherited an insatiable curiosity, a perpetual student.

PhD thesis:  A Place in the Empire: Negotiating the Life of Gertrude Kenny.

The needlefelt mole in the header was created by Susan Mitchell

13 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Miranda,

    I heard you on Michael’s Sustainably Creative podcast. How do I subscribe to your podcast?


    1. Hello Gina – it is a bit obscure! When you subscribe to Murmurs of Mole I offer you an opt in to receive the Mole Out Loud podcasts. I am happy to sign you up anyway

  2. Hi Miranda!
    Annie Bird’s sister here – she has just told me of your blog which I find delightful!
    An avid follower I am : )

  3. Dearest Schwoscht

    I love your murmurs – they’re wonderfully warming and I can relate to them so well.

    I love you, too!



    1. How wonderful to see you here, Brüetsch. Our burrows are too far apart. I am thirsting for a long chat – after my retreat (see Mole Out Loud page). Xxx

  4. Dear Mole,
    I use to receive your “mole out loud” in my inbox but lately I only receive the Friday “murmurs of mole” in my inbox. I have discovered I can still access “out loud” here but wonder if there might be a way for it to still show up in my inbox? It’s quite lovely to see it in my inbox and plan a break in the day to sit and ponder with you.
    Kind Regards,
    A fan of the burrow

  5. Hi Miranda, I’d hoped to meet up in Michael’s session this morning, but I overslept. I so wanted to ask where on the Sussex coast were you born? I was born not far from Worthing and I can’t get over the possibility that though we meet now in a virtual hangout from different sides of the globe, once upon a time several decades ago we may have passed in a street in real life!

    1. Or at least in the corridors of a maternity hospital! Zachariah Merton in Rustington – so not far from Worthington at all.

      1. Well now, as my parents lived just along the road at Goring, and I’m almost certain that I too was born in the Zachary Merton, it might just have happened that we hollered our first holler at least under the same roof, if not actually in neighbouring cots. It is truly an astonishingly small world. (And I’m visiting friends in Rustington on my birthday in a few weeks too.)

  6. Hello Miranda

    I hope that you might help me make a connection with the gentleman you spoke about in your post on the Architect, Edith Emery in March 2019?

    I am an Architect, and have worked on one of Emery’s houses in Longview Avenue.

    Could you contact me by email please?

    In anticipation

  7. Miranda,

    I would love to receive emails of anything you share of your vast and utterly intriguing burrowful of creativity. I was on the SAW drawing jam last night with you from my home in rural Nova Scotia, Canada and looked you up…and stumbled happily into this burrow.
    Thank you for what you shared.

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