Mole’s Christmas Message

I don’t often catch myself in a looking-glass but last night I was smoothing back my greying pelt before going out for mince pies, and for a moment glimpsed myself. My paws were clasped behind my neck and the negative space between shoulder and paws had created a cherubic pair of wings. It made me ponder about perceptions, positive and negative, and Christmases past and present.

I had thought that the murmuring mole might stay silent on Christmas Day, but I remember Christmases past when all external structures and daily contacts have slipped away; times when alone-ness, absence or loss have made themselves most acutely felt. Often. at times like this I have met with acts of extraordinary kindness, been taken in and nurtured.

I wish those of you who are celebrating with families or friends a great Christmas, but I especially want to send my molehugs to those of you for whom this is a difficult time. I hope you can find soothing music, a good book or a jigsaw puzzle. Or perhaps a stroll is more up your street, or a crossword, or writing a letter. I am about to put my kettle on. You might like to join me By putting on yours so that we can toast ourselves with a good cup of tea.

Liz & John Harvey-Lee
Liz & John Harvey-Lee


6 thoughts on “Mole’s Christmas Message

  1. Miranda what a lovely note, thank you so much…

    I will be with my family this evening but I am alone all day while they are scurrying about to other relatives and it is a quiet peaceful day alone. I had two precious gifts today, one, an unexpected Christmas podcast from Michael which delighted me no end, and this wonderful perfect post from you. Thank you so much for thinking of those of us who spend part or all of the holiday alone.

    Blessings to you and your daughter dearheart. Sending a gentle hug to a precious mole…


  2. Merry Christmas. I always think of the people working today who might like to have been at home. I used to do care work and worked several Christmases. Always irritated me when the media acted like everyone was on holiday! And I have had some very difficult Christmases in the past and so am thankful when, as this one, they turn out peaceful.

  3. Is your little burrow quiet and peaceful on this Boxing Day? In our nest it is our very favourite day. It’s raining and that’s another blessing gratefully received. Love to all at this oddly strange time of year.

  4. Dearest … may the pitter patter of rainfall bring new shoots nearby your delightful burrow – a soaking rain to nourish the things we love best. Molehugs and delicious tea to you oh favoured one !! X

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