Mole Out Loud #1146

Map image, depicting the Battle of Trafalgar and the battle lines of Nelson’s ships at right angles to the French/Spanish line from Samuel Rawson Gardiner D.C.L., L.L.D., School Atlas of English History (London, England: Longmans, Green, and Co., 1914). 

Of Battenberg cakes and Arabic names and magpie minds – to clutter or not to clutter.


2 thoughts on “Mole Out Loud #1146

  1. It’s a cold wet very windy day here in the UK today so haven’t been able to to gey out. Lovely to hear your podcast to cheer me up

  2. I too knew little of the detail about the Battle of Trafalgar, and even though I probably stared at that very image in my school book many decades ago, I’m now amused by the selection of ship names. Thunderer! Defiance! Revenge! Conqueror! Leviathan! Several commanding Neptunes, Achilles, Swiftures… and then tucked away at the back of the British fleet, a surely too cute and mischievous Pickle!

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