Mole Out Loud #1306

Hot Cross Buns, gremlins, and coffee at Fullers (almost).


3 thoughts on “Mole Out Loud #1306

  1. The kookaburras are invaders. Probably escaping fire-ravaged habitat. They hopped over from the mainland while you were in Europe. An article came out in something, maybe The Guardian. But at that stage they had only made it to the northern regions of Tasmania. It’s interesting that they’ve got as far as Hobart so quickly. It could be a problem. Damn green changers.

  2. Miranda it did indeed appear that the mystery ‘warning’ message was a mischievous Mailchimp error. Normally the chimp provides a secure link (that is, starting with https://) in your email, that then redirects to a “not secure” link to your website, ie the redirect link usually starts, correctly, with http:// (no “s” for “secure”). For some reason the naughty monkey added an “s” to the redirect link, which made it look as if your website was posing as a “secure” site – ie one with a security certificate which the browser then warned wasn’t to be trusted (because it didn’t exist). It would seem the browser could ascertain that there was indeed a real murmurs… site without the “s” and therefore it presumed this was someone pretending to be your site. Does that make sense? My explanations are always so long winded! But I hope it solves the mystery.

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