Mole Out Loud #1309

A blowy walk with a chum and a friendly neighbourhood take my mind off worrying.


3 thoughts on “Mole Out Loud #1309

  1. I have just begun listening to you and I want to say that I appreciate your thoughts. Especially meaningful was your comment today about those of us who are living alone and realizing that we may not have anyone coming to our home for quite sometime. I too have lost the oomph to care for the cleaning routines that I would normally do if I knew people would be visiting. It has become ‘good enough’.
    Blessings to you from Southern California.

  2. Sending lots of good vibes across the world for a smooth and trouble-free delivery of your new grandsmallperson Miranda. Wishing the best of health too for your daughter and you. X

  3. I do understand your concern about your daughter and the impending birth but I am sure the hospitals are very prepared and have taken all the necessary mesures needed to welcome this little human in a very safe environnement ,I wish you all the best and virtual support . And what concerns the cleaning I am surely not one of those whose kitchen or house will be totaly clean , not even yet started as my life goes ‘in a way’ as before , enough work to do in my studio which for me is more important than the cleaning (blushing jaws haha))

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