Mole Out Loud #1418

Loose chickens and a blackbird with a white eyebrow.


2 thoughts on “Mole Out Loud #1418

  1. Good evening Mole,
    It was interesting to hear you speak of a book that I read last year and found problems with. I was drawn to it because it was about the embroidery that I do (needlepoint). But I found that I just did not like or understand the protagonist and thought her to be very shallow. It was interesting to hear that you like the book by the time you got to the end. I found that I was speed reading as I got to the end just to be done with it.
    I appreciate hearing which books you are reading and which books you are really enjoying. You have led me to authors that I have never read.
    As always it is good to hear your podcasts. We will be changing our clocks this coming weekend as we head towards shorter days. I love hearing about your seasons and birds (I enjoy hearing them in the background also).
    Stay safe and know that you are being enjoyed in CA.
    Thank you.

    1. I agree the protagonist was weak & I think, like you that it was the real woman the embroidery inspiration was based on – Louisa, as well as the bell-ringing that got me reading to the end – but it felt a bit undigested.

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