Mole Out Loud #1639

Feeling heat in the sun and being reminded not to write like Freeman Wills Crofts.


4 thoughts on “Mole Out Loud #1639

  1. So sorry that covid has caught up with you, but glad that its effects sound fairly mild. I think fatigue is the big thing. I hope your energy slowly returns and you’ll soon be out and about. Take good care of yourself Miranda. Jx

  2. I was listening in the early morningsun in the quietness of the garden , the first glimpse of the cherryblossoms feels always so promising as a new start but it reminds me we are now slowly at the return of the summer for which I need to prepare myself for the shorter daylight to come , I will miss the light not the heat this time . I hope you will be recovered soon , it feels the virus is playing a cat and mouse game , no matter how we protect ourselves at the best it always seems to be somewhere around the corner I always enjoy listening to your podcast as they always are intertwinded with a deep calmness

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