Mole Out Loud #1658

One peak – lost and found.


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  1. The date might be a bit crucial. Caley’s (A. J. Caley & Sons) were bought by John Mackintosh & Sons of Halifax in 1932 (who themselves later became part of Rowntree’s). There’s an interesting timeline on The Rowntree Society website*. An email to them might just turn up trumps if it connects with an employee with a keen eye and inclination for routing in the archives. *I don’t think I can post links here, but I’ll try:

    Also a history of Caley’s on YouTube: I haven’t watched it but there might by chance be something there, or you could post a comment and see if anyone in the big wild world of YT audience can help.

    A fascinating blog post on the history of Caley’s on WordPress too:, although nothing immediately of help, and sadly the links given to the Norwich Museum’s chocolate collection are now redundant (a search of the museum’s image archives brought up lots with empty tins and boxes, but alas, nothing giving a hint as to contents).

    I should have said at the start Miranda, I’m playing catch up (it’s 5th Nov) so I may find you’ve solved this by now!

    1. …I just looked at the comments after watching the YT video and I think I can see that you found that already! -)

      Also – website of the existing brand?

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