Mole Out Loud #1724

Getting lost in the dark on Queen’s Domain

Government House


4 thoughts on “Mole Out Loud #1724

  1. What a stunning building and beautiful gardens, but not somewhere to be lost in the dark! I’m so glad you found your way out safely Miranda, and are hi-vis again .

  2. Omg lost in the darkness , that must feel very ‘uncomfortable’ , lucky you could get out safely . I was immersed in extremely high numbers of decibels for two weeks due to the yearly huge Tomorrowland festival which brings 400 000 party people from all over the world to our tiny town of 11000 inhabitants , btw also people from Australië , can you imagine , it is about “love your neighbors” festival, for peace , it is beautiful artsy decorated with many stages but it is all techno music so the only thing we hear are the bass notes and it almost literally takes place in our backyard. We survived without ear damage yeahhh .
    Your explanation about your higher energy level during winter brought a lot of clarity and insight for me the ‘non winter person in need of lots of daylight’ but glad you mentioned it as it gives new insights how to review my thoughts about the darker days ,you have already handed me earlier these handles in connection with rainy days, so thank you .

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