Mole Out Loud #1739

Trying for a walk between rainstorms and winding down.

1 thought on “Mole Out Loud #1739

  1. I just was listening to your previous podcast when I saw this new one coming in , catch two flies at once as we say . It is always so weird or funny to hear that you are again in that opposite season/saison/seizoen than here but it is the first time I don’t feel that urge to have those high temperatures which is rather peculiar for me . But with all the climate changes it feels I had just enough summer vibes this year to be ready for those colder days because summer days force me into a relax mood of needing to go /be outside so I wasn’t very productive and it feels I can catch up now , if that make any sense . I had a laugh at my face when I heard you mentioned you wanted to watch “Vera” , when the generic started here on TV I always imitate loud out Véeerà , of course maybe it is obvious for you how they pronounce her name so particular but for me I don’t now why it sounds always a bit funny and exaggerated hahaha probably my fantasy self hahaha . I hope you can have a slow restful week Miranda and thanks for sharing .

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