4 thoughts on “Mole Out Loud #848

  1. I loved loved loved your list, Miranda. A small artwork. Thank you! Am about to cross London to catsit/ retreat/write for sister in N. London so embarked on exact same process. Must include ginger biscuits! Thank you and have a lovely retreat.

  2. I have to ask Miranda, what is a snipper snapper? A Google search returns only the definition of “a small insignificant fellow”, (with many hilarious examples such as, “It does make me so mad to see a married woman with a young snipper-snapper of a fellow chasing after her, and using her husband as a cover.”!??). I feel fairly certain you did not pack such a person between the whiskey and the ginger biscuits, but would welcome clarification. 🙂 Jx

    1. Mmm – how can you be so sure?
      My snipper-snapper is a tool for holding loose tea for an individual cup. It is a sort of bisected orb operated with a spring which, if not applied properly, scatters tea all over the floor. (I’m now wondering what monstrous contraption you are visualising!)

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