Mole Out Loud #969

A misty walk and wondering about wheelbarrows and logistics.

1 thought on “Mole Out Loud #969

  1. Hello Miranda, it is wonderful hearing of your walks and other adventures. It is lovely hearing the gravel crunch under your boots (thankfully for you now matching) and hearing about the trees, snowdrops, historic buildings and other things you are seeing. It is also beautiful hearing the birds when you are away from traffic. I just thought I’d comment on the Oyster Card. You may like to check on time frame they remain valid. I had a Myki card for Victorian transport that was a couple of years old. When I tried to use it recently, it had expired. There may be some similar timeframe for the Oyster Card. Again love hearing of your adventures. You are really missed at the quiz, we need our literature expert! Hope you continue enjoying your travels. Kim x

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