Morris & Mole #5 Invitation


Right here! (Mole was up all night, couldn’t bear the cobwebs accumulating again).


We’re keen as mustard to hear your thoughts – please nestle them into the the Reply box below.

Morris & Mole


4 thoughts on “Morris & Mole #5 Invitation

  1. It’s tooooooo hard. So many have touched my very soul. Pluviophile? Dust? Have you got one about visitors??? Don’t go there! Hooroo. x

    1. Recently in JUNE & July I liked crumbling and redbreast. Anything about Tante Matilde would be great, and pluviophile. Really you could pick anything they’re awesome and easily read with food for thought. Check your comments on each one and see which ones were most popular. Good luck!

  2. I’ve cheated and made a Booker Prize inspired longlist 🙂 I’ve had a lovely time revisiting posts. So many lovely stories to choose from. Here’s my list:

    * Calibration

    * Hot Water

    * Mushrooms

    * Rhododendrons

    * Incorporation

    * Tell it slant

    * Arctic summer

    * In praise of pondering

    * Blindly groping …

  3. Mole
    Where to start?
    i am under the hammer from Pete who really did see my passion earlier this year and it is great when you have guiding hands and comment.
    He just wrote in his latest book of poetry… “or my dear old mate – who knows Hobart like-one else”
    A little flattery goes a long way even if it is not quite correct. To one who knows so much else and has shown me the possibilities.

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