Mole Out Loud #1181

Feeling a bit perkier after a day of rest.

2 thoughts on “Mole Out Loud #1181

  1. Hi Miranda, that is a nice evening photo of the village with lights shining from the houses. I like the sound effects of the running water and the chickens. They seem to cluck with a French accent .

  2. Thank you for introducing us to the magical La Muse Miranda, or for taking us back there with you for those of us who vicariously walked the village and the paths with you last time. Looking at their website I discovered they have a YouTube channel with many short films around the house and the village, and talks with visiting artists. I think pasting a link here will send this comment into some dark denizen awaiting “approval”, but for those who are interested, a simple search in YouTube for “La Muse Artists & Writers Retreat” should find the treasure.

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