Mole Out Loud #1605

Camouflaged ducks and found buttons.

1 thought on “Mole Out Loud #1605

  1. I have to catch up a lot so I started today as since a few days the weather here is so beautiful and today we will reach a 16° , in my studio I have the morning sun which is wonderful , I started a challenge with myself and my good American friend to fill mour sketchbooks that we ever started but never finished , it all are different ones with different mediums or subjects , I am at day 22 and had a lot of satisfaction to draw daily just for our own purpose. The cardigan sounds lovely and buttons are the finishing touch , I didn’t know about the “button etiquette” for gentlemen , do they still excists ?(pinky eye) .It felt comforting having your podcast as,a companion in the studio and that is what we need a lot during these uncertain scary time. I wish you a wonderful week ahead.

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