Mole Out Loud #1749

Rabbit-holing, pottering and listening to the rain.

1 thought on “Mole Out Loud #1749

  1. Had to smile when I heard you say that you just watched Michaels video vlog as I just watched it too ,I think ‘weather-related’, we are each other’s opposites , you were craving for the winter feeling and enjoyed your rain as I am so glad that today finally it is the first blue sky day without pouring rain but sunshine instead , the cold is ok for me when the sky is open and clear .
    I loved your todays story and I also love those little ‘treasures’ s.a. the letter , isn’t the remark amazing of your dreaming away hahaha.
    Foreign languages are so interesting , I am so glad I had the opportunity to learn different languages , the older I get the more I appreciate it and don’t take it for granted .
    Auf Wiederhören !

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