Mole Out Loud #953

Delving into the family archives and wondering whether the past has caught hold of my heel.


1 thought on “Mole Out Loud #953

  1. Realy love the way you take us with you on your journey “ your alternative”! also the journey of your mind. The idea that you are “in the neighbourhood” is great. I have been there in the Ipswich area/ Woodbridge, lovely area! Our mothers must have had almost the same age. The idea that your’s left so many letters and diaries is incredible! Must be a rather strange feeling when reading them.
    What I also liked to hear is the idea of “ die Alte Woche”. Now it has a name, this in betweem time from Christmas to New Year! This, for me and for a lot people I think, strange period where you loose control of time and wait/ prepaire for the New Year to come. Thinking about what happened in the “old” year and the vague promise to do some things in a different way!
    Wishing you realy al the best during your journey and the the new year to come. As always looking forward to hearing the next episode/ adventure in your life!
    I will toast on you and all the others this Old Year Eve!

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